The Right of Way Training Program at North Carolina A&T State University is an innovative training initiative that is unique in its purpose and mission. The goal of this program is to offer current professionals in Right of Way agencies, as well as those who may be interested in changing career paths to a Right of Way discipline, the opportunity to be trained and earn Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced level certification. Furthermore, undergraduate students who aspire to a career in Right of Way have the unique opportunity to engage in the same skills training as current professionals in the field, developing knowledge in an understanding of real estate acquisition and Right of Way policies and procedures, all while simultaneously earning their degree. Undergraduate students will also have the opportunity to engage in internships with the NCDOT and other partners as a part of their career preparation.

The Right of Way Training Program is offered through the Transportation Institute in the School of Business and Economics at North Carolina A&T State University. Since 1970, the Transportation Institute has been a leader in transportation research, education, and technology transfer. Although the Institute does not house an academic program, our activities serve to enhance student learning and faculty development through educational experiences in transportation, research, internships, professional meetings, scholarships and stipends. Institute programs create an environment that fosters learning for the 21st century and advances diversity in the transportation workforce. We invite you to join us as we educate the next generation of transportation professionals.